Our Doctors

dr selena wu dvm at north vancouver pet hospital

Dr.Celena Wu

Patient Care Team

veterinary staff crouching next to happy dog

Practice Manager

Donya is a nature lover who loves mother Earth and all life on it. She graduated in Veterinary medicine at University of Tehran, Iran, and is very excited to be registered and start practicing in Canada. She started her journey in Canada recently and is exploring Vancouver nature and culture.

erin customer service specialist at north vancouver pet hospital

Customer Service Specialist

Meet Erin, a passionate and dedicated customer service specialist at North Vancouver Pet Hospital. Her favorite animal is the quirky and fascinating squid, but she finds immense joy in being surrounded by all kinds of animals in her work, making her job both fulfilling and exciting.

north van veterinary assistant

Veterinary Technician

Samaneh is a passionate vet technician and dog trainer. Her background as a registered nurse and experience as a dog trainer, has equipped her with valuable knowledge and skills that she brings to her role. Samaneh loves collaborating with her team and working as a group to heal their patients.

natasha veterinary assistant at north vancouver pet hospital

Veterinary Assistant

I’m Natasha, your neighborhood Veterinary Assistant with a passion for helping our furry friends feel their best. You can catch me bustling around the clinic, assisting our amazing team and ensuring every patient gets top-notch care.

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